Mock Job Interview

  1. How did you feel while you interviewed a classmate?  Do you believe that seeing an interview from the employer’s perspective makes you more prepared or not?  Please explain.
    I felt what it is like to do an interview from the employers perspective. I think seeing an interview from the side of the employer makes me more prepared because now I have an idea on what an employer would ask and what to expect.
  2. How did you feel while you were interviewed by a classmate?  Did you feel anxious, nervous, scared, prepared, overwhelmed, confident, etc.?  Please explain why you felt that way.
    While I was being interviewed by my classmate I felt prepared, confident, but also a little nervous. I felt prepared because I knew it wasn’t real but if today was a real interview I wouldn’t be prepared so i would be nervous.
  3. How do you feel about your responses?  Do you think your responses to the questions were adequate or do you feel you could have done better? What question did you find easy?  What question did you find difficult to answer?
    To be honest my answers could be better but for today I believe they are adequate. Most of the questions were easy to answer but some of the personal questions were a little difficult.
  4. What advice would you give someone who is participating in a mock interview or a real interview? What advice would you give yourself; in other words, how do you think you could improve for your real interview?
    I would tell the person doing the mock interview to act like it is real and I would tell someone doing a real interview good luck and I hope you get the position. Some advice I would give myself would be to just be calm and answer the questions.
  5. Yes, I know these mock interviews weren’t real, so imagine how you would perform in the interview if it was real.  What have you learned you need to do to be better prepared?  How should you dress for an interview?  How should you behave before, during, and after an interview?  What should you bring with you to an interview?
    I already stated what I would do to prepare for a real interview in an earlier question. what I would wear to the interview would depend on what job the interview is for, for example an accountant would dress differently than a web designer.
  6. Evaluate the activity.  Be honest.  What do you think was good about this class activity?  How do you think we could improve this activity for next time, next year? Do you believe this is a skill you do need or do not need in real life?  Please explain.
    This class activity was a good thing to do because it shows how an interview is like. I don’t really know how this activity can be improved. This is a skill you need in real life because you will have to talk with your coworkers.

Job Shadowing


  1. What did you learn from your presentation?I learned that I don’t want to be a construction manager
  2. How well do you think you did on your presentation?I think I did pretty well on my presentation
  3. What are some presentation techniques that you can incorporate into your next presentation? I could incorporate more explanation
  4. what if anything could you have done differently to change the outcome of your presentation? I could have explained about things more
  5. finish the following statements:
    a. I wish that I would have…
    b. If I could present my presentation again I would…
    c. Now that I have reflected on my presentation, I…
    a. I wish I would have done better
    b. If I could present my presentation again I would do some more research
    c. Now that I have reflected on my presentation, I still think I did pretty well



We celebrate Halloween on October thirty first. The name Halloween has many pronunciations this include Hallowe’en ,  Allhalloween , All Hallows’ Eve , and also  All Saints’ Eve. The origins of Halloween are unknown but it is widely believed by many people  that they originated from ancient Celtic harvest festivals, particularly from the Gaelic Festival known as Samhain. This festival might have had roots from the Pagan which was Christianities name before Christianity. The people who believe this belief say that the festival of Samhain was transformed and Christianize into what we call Halloween. The other side believes that Halloween started solely as a christian holiday completely separate from any ancient festivals such as Samhain.  Traditional activities that some people do on Halloween include Trick o Treating, attending Halloween costume parties, carving pumpkins into jack o lanterns, having bonfires, apple bobbing, fortune telling, pranking other people, visiting haunted attractions, such as haunted houses, roller coasters, etc , telling scary stories, and watching horror movies. Many Christians go to a special church service on Halloween and then they go to their dead loved ones and placing a light candle on their graves. They will sit at the graves and pray almost all night. There are two different sides to Halloween, the religious side and the commercial side.

Black history month (Andre De Grasse)

Andre De Grasse is a sprinter from Ontario Canada. He won the silver medal in the 100 meter dash but only a couple seconds from beating Usain bolt to get the gold medal. HE got into the Olympics at age of 21. He went to Miliken Mills High School and started track during his junior year. his mom also was on track during high school.  Andre was born in Scarborough, Ontario to his parents which are named Beverly and Alex. After high school he went to Coffeyville Community College for two years before he transferred to USC to compete in track on a college level. Andre De Grasse and Donovan Bailey where the first sprinters from Canada to run the 100 meter dash in under ten seconds. Andre has three siblings named Julian, Alexandra, and Dantee. Andres parents are both immigrants his dad came into Canada from Barbados as a teen while his mom came from Tobago in her mid twenties. His mom is the one who got him into sports because she knew that quickness ran in the family so she signed him up for soccer. Andre liked soccer but wanted to try basket ball unfortunately his school didn’t have a basket ball team so he tried track instead. He says track saved his life because before he started track he was doing drugs and running made him realize there is more for him to do than just drugs.

Funniest Superbowl Commercials 2018


This ad wants to persuade people into buying M&M’s but also trying to entertain  them by not making the ad a typical  standard boring ad but by making it funny by using a well know comedian and some intense stunts. This commercial wants you to buy M&M’s because if you buy M&M’s then the company gets some profit. They are addressing this  to everyone because they know that people of all ages will buy M&M’s.  This commercial was effective at what it was trying to do because it made its way all over the internet and not just on standard television but social media, you tube, and much more.

This ad is persuading people to buy these products while also informing because they have some new products available for sale and they want to make profit off of them.They are also entertaining the audience because they are using well know actors and intense songs. The message is that these products are worth buying and you should go buy them. This commercial is addressed to anyone who like Doritos or mt. dew. This commercial was really effective because the companies made really good decisions about who to cast and what to do.

This ad was made to entertain people but at the same time inform them because it says that all commercials are tide ads. Their message is that if it wasn’t for tide then no commercial would be able to get as much profit for the product and that every ad is a tide ad because tide is one of the most used laundry detergent. They are addressing everyone but most importantly the person in your household that does the laundry. This ad was in my opinion funny but not really effective because it kind of was jumping all over the place and hard to keep track of.



What is your social issue? My social issue is euthanasia. Euthanasia is when a terminally ill person is killed by assisted suicide.

Why is it such a social issue? What do people disagree about in relation to this topic? This is such a social issue because there are people who think that if someone is very sick and want to die they should have the choice to while there are also the people who believe Assisted Suicide is a bad thing because it goes against what doctors are there for. Doctors are known for taking care of life not taking it away.

What is your proposed solution? Why do you think this is the best solution? The solution that I believe would be a reasonable decision is that they should only have the option of euthanasia if they have six or less months to live.  I believe that this would be a good solution because it would prevent abuse of assisted suicide because then someone would have to be dying for a doctor to legally euthanize them.

What are pros to your solution?  One pro is that a doctor wouldn’t be able to give someone the option of Assisted Suicide unless they are dying.

What are cons to your solution? Some people would find someone on the black market to illegally  Euthanize them.


Questions I have for you

  • What do you think about this topic?
  • What do you think would be a good solution?
  • Do you have any other pros or cons of my solution?

Play Doh creation

Me and my friend Brian combined our Play Doh to make one object. the object was a person with a hallow egg head and a flat round body. he is holding a pick ax. He is also giving a thumbs up with the one arm he has. This thing represents the weird but also funny friendship. While the ax represents our love for gaming. We both like to play games on either Xbox or sometimes PC. Our class mates made some interesting things such as a guitar without strings, a house, a sculpture of the word ART and much more. This activity relates to my writing process because it shows how my thinking process works and how well I can work with others. It also relates to the writing processes of anyone because different people make different things. At first i didn’t know what to do so then I just decided that that was what I was going to do.  I was going to do something random and see how it turned out. When I was done the object turned out as expected… funny.  I liked the random thing I created quite a bit so I didn’t want to change it and I think Brian liked it to because he came up with the idea of combining our Play Doh to make one object.  When we combined the Play Doh we created the man with the pick ax. Below is the picture of the interesting object me and Brian made.

Should terminally ill patients be allowed to end their lives via assisted suicide?

In the website ISIDEWITH I picked the topic  Should terminally ill patients be allowed to end their lives via assisted suicide?  Within the United States 76% of the citizens said yes and 24% said no. The people who agreed said since they live their lives the way they want they can end it how they want. They also said that they should be able to do it but only if there is no chance of them surviving. They might to this because they don’t want to die in pain. They probably want to go peacefully because dieing within minutes is a lot better than slowly dieing over a course of years. by While the people who disagreed said that they should think about the ones who love them such as their family and friends. they also said that the entire reason for medical professionals is to be the preservers of life and allowing killing into the jobs of these professionals would be like putting dirt into a cake and forcing someone to eat it. Another reason is that if they kill themselves yes they are saving themselves but they are making it harder on their parents because now they have to deal with the fact that their child committed suicide.